MIXXnet IRC Network
About Us

About Us

Founded in early 2004, MIXXnet is a global IRC network that is dedicated to providing you with a stable, friendly, and professional IRC service at no cost. While many channels on the network relate to Internet radio, music (specifically Electronic/trance music), and producing music, we welcome most any legal channel topic.

MIXXnet hosts the official channels to several well known Internet radio stations as well as internationally syndicated radio programs. Some of the radio show channels that we host include Armin van Buuren's weekly syndicated show "A State of Trance", Markus Schulz's show "Global DJ Broadcast", "Trance Around The World" with Above & Beyond, and "Free Talk Live".

MIXXnet currently has eight servers linked to the network spanning across North America and Europe. Our philosophy is to spread users out over many servers so any impacts will be minimal in the event of technical difficulties. We also provide full SSL support and native IPv6 access.

We do our best to run a very professional operation. Our friendly staff are happy to help with any questions you may have. Our operators are non-abusive and will not interfere with your channel or globally ban users for invalid reasons. We won't spam you with useless global messages. What we will do is provide the most stable service we can and be there for you if you need assistance.