Channel Modes

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Below is a full list of channel modes on MIXXnet and how they are used.

In general, modes are set and removed in the following way:

/mode #channel +<mode>
/mode #channel -<mode>

Examples of how to set each mode and their various parameters are provided below.

Basic Modes

b (Ban)

Bans user from channel that matches the nick!ident@host hostmask. Can optionally redirect the banned user to a special channel if they attempt to join the channel while banned (see example 2 below).

/mode #channel +b <nick!ident@host>
/mode #channel +b <nick!ident@host#bannedchannel>

h (Halfop)

Gives <nickname> half-operator status on the channel

/mode #channel +h <nickname>

i (Invite Only)

Sets channel invite only. Users must be invited to join.

/mode #channel +i

k (Channel Password)

Sets a channel password that users must have in order to join.

/mode #channel +k <password>

l (Channel Limit)

Sets a limit for the maximum numbers of users that can be on the channel at once.

/mode #channel +l <limit>

m (Moderated)

Sets channel to "moderated"; users must be voiced (+v) or higher to talk.

/mode #channel +m

n (No External Messages)

Blocks external messages; users must be on the channel to talk. This mode is enabled by default on all channels.

/mode #channel +n

o (Channel Operator)

Gives <nickname> operator status on the channel. Requires channel operator status.

/mode #channel +o <nickname

p (Private)

Sets channel as private; hides channel from user's WHOIS reply

/mode #channel +p

s (Secret)

Sets channel as secret. This is the same as mode "p", however it also hides the channel from a /LIST

/mode #channel +s

t (Topic Protection)

Makes it so only channel (half-)operators or higher can change the channel topic. This mode is enabled by default on all channels.

/mode #channel +t

v (Voice)

Gives voice to <nickname>. Requires half-operator status or higher.

/mode #channel +v <nickname>

Advanced Modes

A (Allow Regular Users To Invite)

Allows regular, non-opped users to invite users to the channel using "/invite". As invites bypass channel bans, limits, and keys, setting this mode will allow regular users to invite anyone into the channel even if they are banned, do not have the channel key, or the channel limit has been exceeded. USE THIS MODE WITH CAUTION.

a (Protected User)

Gives protected status to <nickname>. Protected users cannot be kicked or deopped except by the channel founder or services. Channel mode +a does not give +o, so non operators can be protected with +a.

/mode #channel +a <nickname>

B (Block Caps)

Blocks messages to the channel that contain more than 75% CAPITAL LETTERS.

/mode #channel +B

e (Ban Exception)

Sets a ban exception on a nick!user@host hostmask. Users who match can still join the channel even if banned.

/mode #channel +e <nick!user@host>

c (Block Colors)

Blocks messages to the channel that contain colors.

/mode #channel +c


Blocks CTCP (PING, TIME, etc) to channels.

/mode #channel +C

d (Delay Message)

Requires new users joining the channel to wait <sec> seconds before sending to the channel.

/mode #channel +d <sec>

f (Message Flood Protection)

Provides protection against message/notice flooding. When a user types more lines than <lines> in <sec> seconds, they will be kicked. If <lines> is prefixed with a *, the user will be kicked and banned.

/mode #channel +f <lines>:<sec>
/mode #channel +f 5:10 (Kicks a user who says more than 5 lines in 10 seconds)
/mode #channel +f *3:5 (Kicks and bans a user who says more than 3 lines in 5 seconds)

g (Channel Message Filter)

Manages the channel message filter which gives channels the ability to have custom words to block/filter. Words are added with "+g <word>" and removed with "-g <word>" (examples are below):

/mode #channel +g abadword (Adds "abadword" to the channel filter)
/mode #channel -g abadword (Removes "abadword" from the channel filter)
/mode #channel +g (Shows all words on the channel filter)

G (Censor)

Filters out common swear words that are said in the channel. The message still goes through, however any swear words said are censored out.

/mode #channel +G

H (Channel History)

Replays the last <lines> lines of channel activity within <sec> seconds to new users joining.

/mode #channel +H <lines>:<sec>

I (Invite Exception)

Allows users who match a nick!user@host hostmask to join the channel even if it is +i (invite only).

/mode #channel +I <nick!user@host>

j (Join Flood Protection)

Provides protection against join flooding. If there are more than <joins> joins in <sec> seconds, the channel will be locked for 60 seconds and new users will not be able to join for this time period. The lock can be removed before the 60 second time by unsetting and resetting +j.

/mode #channel +j <joins>:<sec>

J (Rejoin Prevention)

Prevents a user from rejoining the channel for <sec> seconds after being kicked.

/mode #channel +J <sec>

K (No Knocking)

Prevents users from doing a /KNOCK on an invite only (+i) channel.

/mode #channel +K

L (Redirect When Full)

Redirects users to <channel> when the user limit (+l) has been reached on the current channel.

/mode #channel +L <channel>

M (Only Registered Users Talk)

Restricts users from talking on the channel unless they are registered and identified to NickServ.

/mode #channel +M

N (No Nick Changes)

Prevents users from changing their nicknames while in the channel.

/mode #channel +N

P (Block Caps)

Blocks messages to the channel that are made up of mostly capital letters.

/mode #channel +P

R (Only Registered Users Join)

Restricts users from joining the channel unless they are registered and identified to NickServ.

/mode #channel +R

S (Strip Colors)

Strips colors from messages to the channel.

/mode #channel +S

T (No Notices)

Prevents users from sending NOTICEs to the channel.

/mode #channel +T

u (Auditorium Mode)

Provides an "auditorium mode" for the channel. When set, users will only see themselves and ops in the channel but will not see any other users in the userlist or any joins/parts/quits from other users.

/mode #channel +u

x (Exception)

Allows users who match a nick!user@host hostmask to override ALL join restrictions such as +i/+l/+k/+b and join the channel no matter what.

/mode #channel +x <nick!user@host>

X (Exempt Channel Ops)

Allows channel operators of various ranks to be exempt from certain restrictions.

/mode +X <permission>:<mode>

Valid permissions are:

  • topiclock - Change the topic if +t is set
  • auditorium-vis - Be visible in a +u channel
  • auditorium-see - See full user list of a +u channel
  • blockcaps
  • blockcolor
  • censor
  • filter
  • flood
  • nickflood
  • noctcp
  • nonick
  • nonotice
  • regmoderated
  • stripcolor

Valid modes/ranks are:

  • q - Founder
  • o - Operator
  • a - Protected
  • h - Halfop
  • v - Voice

z (SSL Users Only)

Requires all users on the channel to be connected to MIXXnet via SSL. Non-SSL users will not be allowed to join.

/mode #channel +z

Extended Bans

Extended Bans are an extension of channel ban-matching modes which allow fine control over who can do what on your channel.

Please see the Extended Bans documentation for more information.