Services 1.9

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This article will outline new features and changes in MIXXnet's services software throughout the 1.9 series. Version 1.9 of services is under active development, so please contact us in #help with any issues or feature requests and we will send them upstream to the developers.

2011-06-28 (1.9.4+)

New Features

  • ChanServ is now able to join channels directly instead of under different BotServ monikers. To assign ChanServ to your channel: "/msg botserv assign #channel ChanServ"
  • Server-side channel autojoining after identifying to services. This ensures vhosts are always set before joining channels and is also a central channel autojoin list. "/msg nickserv help ajoin" for more info.
  • NickServ can use client certificates for authentication. "/msg nickserv help cert" for more info.
  • Users can now reset their own passwords instead of asking staff. "/msg nickserv help resetpass" for more info.
  • ChanServ CLONE command to clone settings from one channel to another. "/msg chanserv help clone" for more info.
  • Users can remove their own access in channels.


  • To prevent bots from registering, new users need to confirm their nick registrations via email. You will be given instructions upon registration.
  • The syntax to register a channel has changed and no longer requires a password. "/msg chanserv register #channel description"
  • Generic vhosts are now handled by HostServ instead of the old HostBot system. To assign a vhost to your nick: "/msg hostserv generic assign"
  • ChanServ MLOCK has been moved to ChanServ MODE, along with the ability to manually set modes through ChanServ. "/msg chanserv help mode" for more info.