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MIXXnet provides this easy to use gateway to multiple web-based IRC clients for connecting to the network using your web browser. Below you can easily select your nickname and the channel you wish to join, as well as which web IRC client you would like to use.


MIXXnet: The "MIXXnet" interface is designed for maximum compatibility and accessibility from anywhere. Its focus is on speed and simplicity so it does not have fancy features like graphical emoticons or the ability to change text colors, however it makes up for that with a fast and clean user interface. This interface is powered by qwebirc and is hosted directly by MIXXnet which allows us to have full control over its operation.

Mibbit: Mibbit is a popular and feature filled client for connecting to IRC from any web browser. It has several advanced features like image uploading, image/video thumbnails, language translation, and multiple skins. Mibbit is an externally hosted third-party service, so MIXXnet does not have any control over its operation or reliability.

Both the "MIXXnet" and "Mibbit" interfaces are Ajax-based which do not require any browser plugins like Java or Flash, and they are both compatible with all major web browsers including Opera, Firefox, Safari/WebKit, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

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