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MIXXnet provides stable IRC channel hosting with friendly and professional support.

Many of the channels on the network are related to music, Internet radio, radio shows, music production, and liberty, however we welcome nearly any legal channel topic.

Check out our channel start guide for a detailed tutorial on how to set up your own channel on MIXXnet.

Connect your IRC client to irc.mixxnet.net (IPv4) / irc.ipv6.mixxnet.net (IPv6), or join our web IRC chat below:

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We offer end-to-end encryption utilizing unique 4096 bit keys on every server. Client certificate authentication is also supported.

Global Redundancy

Designed with redundancy in every stage, our servers span the world and the network is self-healing in the event of a server failure.


Built by Internet engineers and trusted since 2004, we run the stable server infrastructure and let you focus on running your community.

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