MIXXnet IRC Network
Stable & Professional IRC with SSL and IPv6

Welcome to MIXXnet

Getting Started

MIXXnet provides stable IRC channel hosting with friendly and professional support. Many of the channels on the network are related to Internet radio, radio shows, and music, however we welcome a variety of topics. We also offer end-to-end SSL support and native IPv6 access.

View our channel start guide for a detailed tutorial on how to set up your own channel on MIXXnet.

Join us on IRC now!

Connect your IRC client to:

IPv4: irc.mixxnet.net
IPv6: irc.ipv6.mixxnet.net

Main Ports: 6667 (plain text), 6697 (SSL) | Alternate Ports: 6660-6669, 7000

You can also use an Ajax web IRC client to connect to MIXXnet through your web browser.