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An IRC Client is a software program used to connect to an Internet Relay Chat network, such as MIXXnet.

IRC Client List

  • X-Chat: Created by Peter Zelenzy, X-Chat is a free, open source, multi-platform IRC client with a GUI (Graphical User Interface). There are builds for various *nix distributions, Mac OSX, and Windows. (Note: The "official" Windows builds are not free. To see a list of completely free Windows builds, go here).
  • mIRC: Khaled Mardam-Bey released the first version of mIRC on February 28, 1995. mIRC is a graphical IRC client for the Windows platform with it's own scripting language. mIRC is shareware, so to legally run it past 30 days you need a $20 license.
  • Irssi: Irssi is a popular open source and free text based IRC client. Irssi is different from BitchX because it does not use the old ircII code. Irssi also supports Perl scripting and runtime modules, so it is highly customizable. There are binaries available for several operating systems including Mac OSX and Windows.
  • BitchX: BitchX is another popular open source text based IRC client for UNIX. It started out as a script for the ircII client, but then panasync patched the script directly into the actual client in 1994. There are binaries for many operating systems including Windows.
  • Snak: Snak is an IRC client for Macintosh OS X. It has several features and is actively developed, as well as allows ircII scripts. Snak is shareware ($25 USD).