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MIXXnet is an IRC network that is aimed at providing stable and friendly service at no cost to the end-user. While many channels on MIXXnet currently relate to Internet radio, music (specifically Electronic music), and producing music, MIXXnet welcomes most any channel topic.

MIXXnet hosts the channels to several well known Internet radio stations, as well as internationally syndicated Electronic music radio programs. MIXXnet hosts channels for Armin van Buuren's weekly syndicated radio show called "A State of Trance", Markus Schulz's weekly show called the "Global DJ Broadcast", and Perry O'Neil's biweekly show called "Electronic Elements Radio". The network also hosts chats for Internet radio stations such as Party107, ETN.fm, Rock 101.9 The Edge, and others.

MIXXnet currently has 11 servers linked to the network. At this time, there are MIXXnet servers in Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The network's philosophy is to spread users out over many servers, so in the event of technical difficulties, the downtime only affects a small portion of the users.

MIXXnet also provides IPv6 access to the network and SSL-secured connections.


MIXXnet's servers are located across the globe, and are listed by country:





United Kingdom

United States