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aldarpasdr rollic4toura eltbasacacl delc4tpasvar aceloloerbas olorolalbol trocdelorvid rellaelc4t coricmon acelalpas alolochilir #Party107 is a channel for the Internet radio station Party107.

Party107 is a 100% commercial free, non-profit Internet radio station that is part of the MKProductions family of Internet radio stations. Party107 features sets from many resident and guest DJ's playing various types of electronic music. Sets featured on Party107 are primarily trance and progressive, however the musical diversity is something that makes Party107 unique. Several shows currently in production feature music from various electronic music sub genres such as: trance, progressive, house, techno, breakbeat, and hardstyle.


Founded by Mark Kane in 2003, Party107 started out playing mainly trance singles and featured occasional live sets by resident DJ's. It started out as a Live365 station, however quickly outgrew their services. Soon after inception, Party107 switched to SHOUTcast streaming technology. The station still uses SHOUTcast to date.

In mid 2004, Party107 started a new programming format. Instead of playing trance singles 24/7, Party107 started to feature more resident DJ's and live sets. When no new sets were scheduled, the stream would play past sets that had been recorded. Since all the station's programming was now 100% DJ sets, the types of music played also became more diverse. DJ's would play many styles of electronic music in their sets. Party107 was no longer a trance only station, but instead played all kinds of electronic music.

Prerecorded and LIVE sets from DJ's all over the world still make up Party107's programming today.

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