Extended Bans

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Extended Bans are an extension of channel ban-matching modes which allow fine control over who can do what on your channel.

Matching Extended Bans

These extbans extend the regular +b, +e, and +I channel modes to allow for matching on other criteria, and are applied like so:

/mode +b <extban> - Bans based on extban

/mode +e <extban> - Adds an exception based on extban

/mode +I <extban> - Allows matching users to join a +i channel

Extended Ban Description Example
j:[state][#channel] Matches if the user is also on the specified channel. /mode +b j:#badchan

/mode +b j:@#badchan (Matches ops on #badchan)

r:[gecos] Matches against a real name (GECOS) field. /mode +b r:BadBot
R:[account] Matches registered nicks that are registered to an account. /mode +b R:BadUser

Acting Extended Bans

Modes that restrict certain channel activity also have corresponding extended bans so they can be applied to certain users only. They are applied with channel modes +b and +e in the regular hostmask syntax of nick!user@host.

/mode +b <extban>:<mask> - Blocks users matching the mask from performing the specified activity

/mode +e <extban>:<mask> - Allows users matching the mask to perform the specified activity

Extended Ban Description Example
A:[mask] Blocks user from using /invite. /mode +b A:*!*@bad.hostname.example.com
B:[mask] Blocks user from using ALL CAPS. /mode +b A:*!*@bad.hostname.example.com
c:[mask] Blocks colors from matching users. /mode +b c:*!*@excessive.color.user.example.com
C:[mask] Blocks CTCPs from matching users. /mode +b C:*!*@bad.hostname.example.com
m:[mask] Blocks messages to the channel from matching users (like channel mode +m). /mode +b m:*!*@bad.hostname.example.com
N:[mask] Prevents matching users from changing their nickname while in the channel. /mode +b m:*!*@bad.hostname.example.com
p:[mask] Blocks part messages from matching users. /mode +b p:*!*@bad.hostname.example.com
Q:[mask] Prevents matching users from being kicked from the channel. /mode +b Q:*!*@important.user.example.com
S:[mask] Strips colors from messages by matching users. /mode +b S:*!*@excessive.color.user.example.com
T:[mask] Prevents matching users from sending NOTICEs to the channel. /mode +b T:*!*@bad.hostname.example.com


Extended bans can also be stacked. For example:

/mode +b S:r:*mirc* - Strips colors from messages by anyone with "mirc" in their real name/GECOS.