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The following is a guide to setting up your own channel on MIXXnet and protecting it with services.

Step 1: Creating The Channel

The first step in creating a channel is to join it first. While you're on IRC, type "/join #yourchannel" without quotes and replace "#yourchannel" with the channel you want to create. If the channel is empty or unregistered, you will become an op (@) in that channel.

Step 2: Registering with ChanServ

In order for you to be the owner of the channel and have full privileges on it, you must register it with ChanServ. This is a very easy process, however it requires a registered nickname. If you have not already registered a nickname, see the NickServ documents for instructions on how to do that.

To register a channel, type the following command into your IRC client:

/msg chanserv register #channelname description

Replace "#channelname" and "description" with the channel you are registering, the founder password you wish to have, and the description of your channel.

If you have succeeded, you will see something like this:

-ChanServ- Channel #channelname registered under your nickname: YourNick
-ChanServ- Your channel password is test - remember it for later use.
--- ChanServ sets mode +n #channelname
--- ChanServ sets mode +t #channelname
--- ChanServ sets mode +r #channelname

Now most likely you will want to set the topic, give people access, and perform other channel maintenance tasks. Here are some common channel commands and what they do:

Channel Modes

For a complete list of all channel modes available on MIXXnet, please see the Channel Modes and Extended Bans articles. Below is a summary of basic channel modes:

  • /topic #channelname New Topic - This will set the topic of your channel to whatever you wish.
  • /mode #channelname +o nickname - This will op the person with the nickname "nickname".
  • /mode #channelname +h nickname - This will give channel-half operator status to the person with the nickname "nickname".
  • /mode #channelname +v nickname - This will give voice to the person with the nickname "nickname".
  • /mode #channelname +b user@host - This will ban that user/host mask from your channel.
  • /mode #channelname +s - This will make your room secret, and not show up when someone does a /list.
  • /mode #channelname +p - This will make your channel private.
  • /mode #channelname +i - This will make your channel "Invite-Only". This means you must "/invite nickname" for them to be able to enter your channel.
  • /mode #channelname +k yoursecretkey - This will set your channel's "key" (or password). Replace "yoursecretkey" with the key you want to set.
  • /mode #channelname +m - This will make your channel "Moderated". This means that only people with a voice (+v) or higher (such as an op) can speak in the channel.
  • /mode #channelname +N - This disallows nickname changes while in your channel.

ChanServ Modes

  • AutoOP (aop) - This user will be able to kick/ban and can set almost any channel mode, but does not have access to any ChanServ commands (such as adding/deleting people from access lists, using the "akick" function, etc).
  • SuperOP (sop) - This user has full channel privileges. They can set almost any channel mode and can add/delete people from the ChanServ access lists. They can also use ChanServ to "AutoKick" (akick) and ban a user.
  • HalfOP (hop) - This user can kick and ban regular and voiced users. They cannot kick or ban ops.
  • Voice (vop) - This user can speak in channels with +m set, but has no channel moderation features. There is no benefit to having voice in an unmoderated channel.

ChanServ Channel Commands

  • /msg chanserv aop #channel add nickname - This will add "nickname" to the channel auto-op list.
  • /msg chanserv sop #channel add nickname - This will add "nickname" to the channel super-op list.
  • /msg chanserv hop #channel add nickname - This will add "nickname" to the channel half-op list.
  • /msg chanserv vop #channel add nickname - This will add "nickname" to the channel auto-voice list.
  • /msg chanserv *op #channel del nickname - This will delete "nickname" from the *op access list. Replace "*op" with either "hop", "aop", "sop", "vop".